EuroLeague Basketball
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Barcelona head coach Svetislav Pesic compared the way basketball is played in the EuroLeague and the NBA.

Here is what the Serbian coach said, following the Catalans’ win over Armani Milano (85-90).

On the differences between the EuroLeague and the NBA: “In basketball, if you want to change rhythm, to play transition or position, you cannot change rhythm on offense, but on defense.

Then you can take initiative on offense and play fast break, controlled basketball or long plays. That’s how it’s done in Europe. It’s not like the NBA which is not basketball.”

On what happens in the NBA, in contrast with the EuroLeague: “Every night or morning if you see the NBA results, it’s 129-119, or 122-120, 120-115 etc. Everybody celebrates, everybody is happy. Anyway. The best basketball in the world is in the EuroLeague.

In the Euroleague, you can see everything. You can see defense, you can see offense, you can see tactics, three-pointers, dunking, creation of the game. Everything. What we didn’t have in Europe until now is that we didn’t ‘sell’ our basketball very good, like in the NBA. We didn’t learn how to sell our product in Europe.”