Earl BoykinsCoup de théâtre in Bologna. Earl Boykins, who was close to be waived by Virtus because he flew to US without the permission of the club after the Christmas game, will remain in Bologna. Former NBA player announced it in a press conference saying that he is ready to play in the big match against Mens Sana Siena.

"It has been a bad situation" said Boykins. "Now I am ready, mentally and physically to play. I flew to US to check my son's condition. Now I am here again to play. The biggest problem in the situation has been the lack of communication with the club. I apologized to my teammates and they understood the circumstances. I want to win here. If we will win people will love me, if not will hate me. I would like to play against Siena, but if the coach will take me on the bench I am going to cheer on my team. I am also thanked to the club because it let me fly again to US next week."