Esteban BatistaBC Triumph signed the contract with the center player of the Uruguay Esteban Batista (208, 1983). Batista will replace Nenad Krstic who moved to NBA. Last season Batista played for Maccabi Tel-Avi, and two seasons (2005-07) played for Atlanta NBA. His stats in NBA in 2006-07 season: 13 games, 1,5 ppg, 2,3 rpg per 6,2 minutes.

His stats in Maccabi in 2007-08 season: 24 games in Euroleague (10,3 ppg, 5,3 rpg, 1,3 apg) and 26 games of the national league (8,9 ppg, 5 rpg).

This season Maccabi signed the new Head Coach and Batista had not too much playing time. he played in 5 games of Euroleague and scored 3,6 ppg and 2,6 rpg average.

BC Triumph Head Coach Stanislav Eremin commented on the signing Batista:

-As you know Krstic moved to NBA and we stated searching the new center player for our team. We wanted to sign Batista at summer, but Maccabi didn’t want to let this player go to the other team. But now we made the deal and we got Batista.
I know his style of game, he’s rather aggressive and good in defense and rebounding. I think that Batista will be our main center player, though he can play 4-5 positions. He got not too much playing time in Maccabi, but he’s in a good shape and ready to help us. (