ImageIn an epic game, which ended 109-116, Cajasol Seville won their match against spanish force Real Madrid, in a game played in the capitol city. Cajasol arrived there with the obligation to win, although their coach Manel Comas has told media during the week that they were going to play without pressure, with "nothing to loose and lots to win".

In the best scoring game in all the history of the team, sevillians got an unespected and fantastic first win of he season against one of the strongest teams in Spain. It was some kind of boxing fight. First was Real Madrid which started hitting, but then Cajasol answered with fury. It was all the same during all forty minutes. This time Cajasol started the game very concerned about what they had to do: to keep themselves in the game, to control the game so Real Madrid couldn't scape very soon. And that's exactly what they did.

After a hard week in which their starting point guard, elmer Bennett, left the team and finished his career, it was not clear who was going to tkae the leadership of the team. Today that player was with any doubt Andre Pecile. The best player of the team last weeks played another fantastic game, being the best offensive weapon of his team.

He was very well helped by Dusko Savanovic, which took note about what Manel Comas said after their last defeat against Bruesa ("he didn't understand the real level in ACB) and played a very clever game against physical centers of Real Madrid. The other player in the middle of controversy, Mile Ilic, was dominant inside the paint all the minutes he played, rebounding and intimidating all of his rivals. He also scored four consecutive free throws at the end of the overtime to give the victory to Cajasol. 

The sevillian team finished the match with only six players, the other four fouled out. That was when point guard Pedro Rivero did a great job, when things were gettin hard. He paced the game, against a very good player as Raul López is. But along with Andres Miso, very well at the offensive end, it was enough to give Cajasol their first win this season.

It seems that the team of Manel Comas is starting to play as a real team, and the patience the coach asked at the beginning of the season is giving good results.