ImageIn the fourth round of ACB league, there were some changes in the standing. Tau Vitoria is now the only undefeated team, while Regal Barça lost first game of the season in Gran Canaria, a game played some days before the weekend due to the tour of the catalonian team in the States.

Some things to pay attention:

Kalise Gran Canaria won an impossible game against Regal Barça, playing great deffense. Thirty points for Barça in te first half, with that offensive potential, is making a great job by the men of coach Salva Maldonado. Twenty-seven in the second half is just even better. Only Navarro (in his first complete game this season) could score, while in Gran Canaria, Carl English made his numbers from the outside and James Augustine dominated the game inside. David Andersen in not integrated in the system of coach Xavi Pascual, and he has nothing to do with the player we all knew at CSKA Moscow, and Andre Barrett may not be the point guard Regal Barça needed. Time will tell the truth… 

Tau Vitoria is a great team. This time, playing without Prigioni against one of the most serious teams in this part of the competition, CB Granada, Mustapha Shakur spent more than thirty minutes on the court, and the team also won. It was a difficult target, but the great day of Rakocevic and Mickeal made it possible. In Granada, Filip Videnov played his first great game of the season, showing he could be the outside scorer the team needs.

In Bilbao was played one of the most interesting games of this round. A very difficult team to win at their home, against Unicaja, one of the main teams this season, faced each other in a game plenty of strength, but the fantastic day of Cabezas and Jiménez made the win travel to Malaga. Bilbao always tried to win the game, but the team of Aíto was too much this time.

Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada got a great win in Zaragoza, against a direct rival in the standing. Brad Oleson is by far the most surpirsing player of the season, and a scoring-machine. PJ Ramos seems this season (second effort) he wants to become a great player, and Bueno looks like a new player, compared to the one who played last year in Seville, completely lost. In Cai Zaragoza, their main scorer Paolo Quinteros didn't have his day, so it was even more difficult to win.

Cajasol again lost, against Bruesa GBC, and is the only one team in the league, along with ViveMenorca, which hasn't achieve a win yet. Vivemenorca tried to win, in their travel to Murcia, with a great game by Pooh Jeter, Marino Bazdaric and Bud Eley, but their former star now playing in Murcia Chris Moss, along with shooting guard Taquan Dean kept the victory at home, thanks to a great third quarter.

Big win for Pamesa Valencia against MMT Estudiantes at home. With an amazing Victor Claver who seems to decide he doesn't want to miss a shot on the entire season, Pamesa outscored their rival by twenty-three points. Almost every single player of the team made great numbers: Douglas, Williams, Pietrus, Rafa Martínez… In Estudiantes, things just didn't worked this time, and at the halftime, it was all decided.

In Badalona, DKV Joventut won their regional derby against Ricoh Manresa, with a great game by their main scorer this season, new player Bracey Wright, and a renovated Simas Jasaitis, who this season feels more important that preevious one in Vitoria. As always, Mensah-Bonsu was a force of nature inside, and Josh Asselin coudln't play his natural game, so at the the halftime, a twenty-six points difference decide the game. The second half was a training for Joventut, while Manresa tried to make up the final result.

The results of the round were:

Kalise G.C.  68-57   Regal Barça
Tau Vitoria  80-68   C.B. Granada
Iurbentia Bilbao  61-72  Unicaja Malaga
Cai Zagaroza   66-73   Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada
Cajasol  71-77  Bruesa GBC
DKV Joventut  83-74  Ricoh Manresa
C.B. Murcia  78-70  ViveMenorca
Pamesa Valencia  96-73  MMT Estudiantes

*Real Madrid didn't play this round