SAP and EuroLeague Basketball partner in data storytelling Hackathon

EuroLeague Basketball
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

SAP, the world leader in enterprise software applications, became the official partner of EuroLeague Basketball.

Per the competition’s press release:

“SAP, the world leader in enterprise software applications, partnered with Euroleague Basketball to deliver an innovative competition to crown the world’s best storytellers through basketball data. 

The EB SACkathon, a name that results of the mix of traditional Hackathon tech competitions and of SAP Analytics Cloud’s cutting-edge predictive analytics and machine learning technology, will see individuals competing to bring to life innovative ways of building basketball stories through basketball statistics and data. 

The competition will be structured in three phases, starting on December 17 with an open call for registrations. Admitted participants will then proceed to an online round in which they will be required to provide ingenious and original solutions to a pre-determined challenge. A selected jury will determine the finalists, who will get together for a 48-hour non-stop competition to be crowned the world’s best data storytellers. 

The final phase of the EB SACkathon will be held in Barcelona on March 15 and 16 at the imaginCafé, a space where technology, creativity and music come together to create a universe of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and an endless range of activities. 

Applications will open on December 17 to full- or part-time undergraduate or master students over 19 years old at any accredited university or reputable learning center in Europe, Middle East and Africa, studying any program related to: 

• Computer science. 
• Data analytics or data science. 
• Digital marketing and strategy. 
• Sports and/or technology management. 

Participants will compete for the following exclusive prizes: 

• €2,000 check for final phase winner/s. 
• Paid collaboration with Euroleague Basketball to develop new data visualization tools for its official platforms. 
• 5 individuals will be allowed to compete for a seat at the SAP Sales Academy in California. 

Participants will be granted with full access to Euroleague Basketball and Synergy data through the SAP Analytics Cloud tools, which will enable them to develop their stories and innovative visualizations of these.”