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Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Following the shot clock error that occurred during the fourth quarter of the CSKA Moscow-Zalgiris Kaunas game played on November 21, 2018, Euroleague Basketball requested detailed reports to all individuals directly involved in the events in question. Euroleague Basketball’s findings are:

“Following the analysis of all the reports, we can confirm that in the fourth quarter with 1:08 left on the game clock, Zalgiris Kaunas had possession of the ball. As the shot clock was running down it jumped immediately from 18 to 14 seconds during the same possession. Beyond reasonable doubt, the shot clock reset to 14 seconds was made by the Shot Clock Operator, due to the fact that:

  • the shot clock has been in regular use for EuroLeague games in the Megasport Arena since October 21, 2016 without having previously displayed this behaviour.
  • the shot clock was tested pre-game by CSKA Moscow and found to be calibrated and working correctly.
  • during all EuroLeague games the shot clock operator is the only individual in the arena who has a device that can reset the shot clock to 14 seconds.

The error was not detected until after the game had ended, at which point it could no longer be corrected. A disciplinary proceeding has been opened against CSKA Moscow in order to verify whether the error equates to an infringement as per the Euroleague Basketball Disciplinary Code.”