CEZ Nymburk got a very important win on the road agaisnt Cajasol Seville (68-89) and managed to stay alive in the Eurocup. On the other hand, Cajasol will have to win next week in Israel if they want to advance to the Top-16. Tre Simmons scored 20 points for the winning side while Davis was the best in Cajasol.

Nymburk came to Seville to win the game. As simple as that. No apologies for a long travel, no matter if they had to play away against a tough rival in Spain. They came to win. And Cajasol didn’t expect that. So since the very beginning of the game they played very hard, moving the ball very well and most of all, playing a great defense. Cajasol seemed to be playing against Los Angeles Lakers if you see the stats after the first quarter.

But it was always the same until the end of the game. Nymburk played a very clever game, running when they had to, a stopping when necessary. We have to mention Nissim, Nymburk’s point guard, who controlled the pace of the game perfectly. In Cajasol nobody knew what to do, moving the ball without creating any offensive threat.

In the last quarte the difference increased up to 21 points. Cajasol was unable to play well in any moment, and they ended with their nerves in tatters. For example, Paul Davis hitted Stimac after a personal foul and this almost caused a brawl.

Anyway, thanks to VEF Riga, next week Cajasol will have another chance to qualify for the next round after failing twice at home to do so. Maybe then the team will prepare the game a little bit better than they did tonight.