Besiktas lost their second Eurocup game last night against Goettingen in Germany, with a rather controversial way as the game clock was behaving rather strangely and the Turkish club have decided to appeal the result.

With the score at 83-83, Besiktas has the last possession with 19 seconds to go. Mire Chatman got the ball, bounced it for several seconds then took a shot but missed. Then Goettingen got the rebound and seemingly scored a buzzer beater, but if we watch the video below we will see that Besiktas is probably right as the game clock is behaving strangely, starting later than it should, stopping which Chatman is dribbling and even skipping some seconds.

Moreover we see that the game clocks starts the countdown of the 19 seconds left at 0:01 timestamp of the video and the buzzer can be heard at 0:24 timestamp of the video. That is a 23 seconds period of time. Of course one can mention the relativity theory, but usually 19 seconds countdown take 19 seconds to reach 0.


Besiktas officials knew something was not right at that moment, as they rushed to the game secretary and disputed the result. They had a prolonged debate with the game officials, but nothing came out of it. So Besiktas have appealed the game result.

The law is at Besiktas side in this case and AEK-Taugres game from 2001 is a precedent of the same case. Back then AEK scored after time had run out and the referees counted the basket. Taugres had appealed and the game was repeated the next day.


In the meantime, Eurocup have made a statement regarding the issue:

Euroleague Basketball officials are in the process of receiving the documentation necessary to initiate the official protest filed by Besiktas JK Cola Turka following its Group B game in the Eurocup on Tuesday. Besiktas JK Cola lost the game 85-83 to host BG Goettingen in Braunschweig, Germany. Besiktas will have 48 hours starting from the end of the game to complete the formal protest, at which point it will be forwarded to the competition’s independent disciplinary judge for consideration.