Photo: USA Today

Derrick Rose posted a career-high 50 points (on 19-of-31 shooting) in the Timberwolves (4-4) victory against the Jazz (4-3) at home (128-125).

The 30-year-old point guard, after the historic performance, left the court in tears. Among those who were captivated by Rose’s achievement, was the Lakers’ star, LeBron James.

The four-time NBA MVP, speaking about Derrick Rose and his complicated career said, per lakersnation: “What Derrick Rose did tonight, what he gives with his mind and body, just to play one game, is something that I watched being a teammate when we were in Cleveland together.

You talk about perseverance, that’s the true definition of it. To have the battles and battles with his injuries, to be able to come back and no matter what everybody else was talking about – the majority is always people who never stepped into the arena – had so many things to say bad about him.

And what he should do; he should do this or do that. For him to set a career high tonight, in a win in Minnesota, I think that’s unbelievable. Even when a superhero is knocked down, he’s still a superhero at the end of the day. Derrick Rose showed why he’s still a superhero.”