ImageAs the club's administration admitted, via their General Director Andrey Bedishev, the decision has been taken and it is final: Lokomotiv Rostov will move to Krasnodar.

The main reason is that the Administration of the Krasnodarskiy Krai region is willing to reward the club for their move to

their capital city with 120 million Russian rubles, which equals to about 2.7 millions euros which by its turn equals to the

50% of the club's budget for next season.

In addition to that the local Government is planning to build a new indoor sports arena with a 7.500 capacity in Kubani,

starting the project by early 2010, which will take the club to the next level once it is completed.

The negotiations which saw the club moving to Krasnodar included the decision to disolve the local "Kubani' basketball club which competed in Superleague B (Russian 2nd division) until now.

Bedishev stated: "The decision was unavoidable and it was taken for a number of reasons. First of all we could use the

better infrastructures in Krasnodar. Also the Rostov Government decided to cut their financial support to the club by a big percentage, and we need more funds in order to stay competitive in the Superleague A level."