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Sarunas Jasikevicius on Luka Doncic: “He has everything he needs to become a great player”

Zalgiris Kaunas head coach, Sarunas Jasikevicius, talked to the Slovenian RTV and referred to Luka Doncic and his great potential.

Here is what the 42-year-old coach said:

On Doncic’s potential: “I think Luka has everything he needs to become a great player. No doubt about it, but there were many players who had everything but failed. What separates him from the rest, is the way he exceptionally reads the game, abnormally for his age. He sees things that can’t be learnt or a 30-year-old veteran can’t do. But to him, it’s all natural.”

On the 2018 EuroLeague MVP being underestimated by his fellow draftees: “The guys from college have no idea what they’re talking about and what Luka can do.”

On Doncic’s accomplishments last year: “It’s not a matter of Slovenian bias, perhaps European, but it is impossible for anyone else to do the same things in the EuroLeague that Luka did. Of course, the experience was very helpful to him since he played for three or four years at that level, so it wasn’t new to him. He was accustomed to it. However, there is no way these guys would accomplish what he did. It’s not possible.

I played in college, EuroLeague, practically everywhere, and I know that the EuroLeague is really a great competition. It’s really demanding and for a young guy to it in such a big club is incredible. He didn’t play for a smaller team, where he would get all the balls, all the responsibility and then have good numbers. No, he played in a system, in a very strong team and he led them to victory.”

On the similarities between Doncic and Drazen Petrovic: “Drazen and Luka can be compared in some way. Luka is taller, but Drazen was a more prominent shooter. They are from different eras, but they both have similar qualities and are similarly talented.

Both can reach the basket easy, shoot from the distance, creativity… Some similarities are certain, and in particular, both really stand out at that age. It will be interesting to see how Doncic’s career will continue in the US.”

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