Photo: FIBA

Luigi Datome spoke with the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport, and once again criticised the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers. 

Here is what the captain of the Italian national team said: 

On the FIBA Windows: “I clearly said what I think of these FIBA windows, which in fact prevented me from going to the national team in November and March.

I did not think it would be serious to let my team (Fenerbahce) play without me, just as I do not consider serious a formula that obliges all Federations to call the players, let them do only two training sessions and then send them straight on the court.”

On the conflict between FIBA and the EuroLeague and the cost it has on basketball: “It is a war of power between FIBA and the Euroleague that has been going on for years. In the end, in winter, those that joined their national teams were not the best, but those who could answer the call. As a result, the product offered to the public was not the best possible. Basketball must know how to sell well in order to attract as many fans as possible. 

In short, this story seemed to me and still seems like rubbish. Not to mention the fact that in June there were domestic games played at the same time as the World Cup ones. I did not have to play with my club in June, but I just had finished a season with more than a hundred games between the national team and Fenerbahce.”