In an interview to Pedja Stojakovic didn’t rule out leaving NBA next summer, ending a 13 years long stint over the Atlantic.

More specifically when asked by Jim Eichenhofer about his future Stojakovic said: “This is my 13th season, so I can say that I really want to go through this year pain-free. Next year I’m going to be 34, so I will sit down and make a decision on my next move in life, whether I am going to continue to play, which I would love to under one condition: that I’m healthy and that I feel physically right to continue.”

And continued: “I don’t want to think about it, it’s very hard for any athlete to think about that. I’m just approaching this year as another year in the NBA. I know that as the year goes by, you take hits on your body and you’ve got to accept that and make adjustments and roll with it.”

Stojakovic also stated that he has no problems with reduced playing time and a limited role: “I don’t have a problem with coming off the bench. My initial goal is to be healthy and to be fit. Then whatever role I’m given, I just want to be helpful to the team and productive as long as I’m on the court. I’m excited. It’s definitely a new challenge in my career. I’m ready to accept it.”