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Dwyane Wade said he will join the Miami Heat in case he decides to return for another season.

The three-time NBA champion mentioned a move to China is no longer an option for him.

“Heat only. If I’m playing the game of basketball this year, it’ll be in a Miami uniform. If I don’t, I’ll be living in Miami and somewhere else probably,” Wade stated.

Wade said there is no timetable for his retirement and will take his time to make the decision. 

“When the time is right for both sides to make a decision on what that is, if it it’s right, if it’s wrong, whatever the case may be, I think it will be made,” he added.

The 12-time All-Star also said he will always do his best to help the Miami Heat, no matter if he plays for the team or not.

“No matter what happens, you guys know me, I’m Miami Heat for life,” Wade said. “I’ll always be there to make sure that the organisation continues to make strides whether I’m on the court or off the court.”