ImageGiannis Bourousis talked to the Greek newspaper "Real Sports" about almost everything: Berlin, Olympiacos, contract negotiation and many more. Here is the full interview.

Did you feel stress when you couldn't agree with the management of Olympiacos?

I took the decision to talk face to face with the presidents of the club in order to explain how much I wanted to stay. The initials contacts had no positive result, but we persisted and we agreed.

I didn't want to leave as a loser. I am three years with the club, I am Greek and I know Greek reality. Real was an option, but I wanted to try and stay in Olympiacos.

Is it true that Panathinaikos contacted you shortly before agreeing with Olympiacos?

I never talked with Panathinaikos. There was no contact between us.

What is Olympiacos missing the last years?

Team Cohesion. The team is working on the right base since last year, the foundation is layed and there aren't many changes this summer. We are building a core. That's what every team has to do aiming for the top.

The Greek players of Olympiacos were accused of inferiority complex when facing Panathinaikos.

Personally I feel nothing similar to that. I am trying to help my team and I am doing what I am supposed to do.

You were criticized for what happened in Berlin (starting a vendetta with green fans), and became a figure of hate for the fans of Panathinaikos. Have you regreted this move?

Not at all and I say it sincerely without wanting to prove anything. It was a reaction of sadness for not being able to help my team in the semifinal due to being ill. I am not sad about that incident, I am looking forward. I have a temper, but some people cannot understand that it wasn't anything personal against Panathinaikos.

Why should a fan of Olympiacos buy a season ticket after a dissapointing season?

A fan that loves the team should help it under any circumstances. If he doesn't want to do it, then he'd better stay at home rather than come and throw stuff on court. I can justify some reactions, but you can't win titles from one day to the next. We want to win titles and this is what we work for.

Top Greek players to not want to play in the NBA and be benched. Is it a matter of ego?

It is not. If it was I wouldn't want to play there. I just feel I am not ready yet, I have to improve my body and game. I am 26 and Andersen for example went at 29. When you take the decision to go to the NBA you will have to be ready to face any situation.

How do you imagine yourself in three years, upon your contract expiration?

I won't set goals that far. I am looking at the present, Olympiacos and the National Team. I definatelly want to play in the NBA however and I hope I will have the change to do so, in the future.

What does the NT mean for Giannis Bourousis?

Great honour and pride. I represent my country with great love, I want to glorify it and put it on the top.

How will the absences of Diamantidis, Papaloukas, Vassilopoulos and Tsartsaris affect the NT?

Absences in a team are usually visible in the beginning. We have however players and coaches that will find solutions. Players exist to cover any absence. It is not bad for an athlete to want to rest. They have every right to do so and nobody can criticize them.

What is the goal of the preparation for the Eurobasket?

The goal is to become a team, get into the coach's philosophy and stay in the level we've been in the last 5 years.

The season is going to be the toughest in the history of the A1 with most clubs in financial trouble and the two arch-rivals light years ahead of competition.

The championship has fallen to chaos. It is unacceptable not to deliver what is stated in the contract, and I am not saying that in the security of having a good contract with Olympiacos. I've been there when I was in AEK.

If the management of a club cannot deliver they'd better to bring the team to the championship. You can't pay? Don't take over a team. Are you right leaving 14 players unpaid, or what? This is our job abd this is how we make a living. The A1 is not healthy and something needs to be done.

Has the A1 become a training session for Panathinaikos and Olympiacos for the Euroleague?

Indeed that is what happens. There can't be anything more. The championship is not competitive.

Who's the toughest opponent you have faced and whom would you like to have as a teamate?

The toughest is Mike Batiste, who is also a friend of mine. I would like to play with him as well as Spanoulis.