Timofey Mozgov: “I am ready for any scenario in the upcoming season”

Bleacher Report
Photo: Bleacher Report

Orlando Magic center, Timofey Mozgov, published the second part of his personal blog at Scorum and referred to many topics, including his 32nd birthday, his back-to-back trades during the offseason, the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers and more.

Mozgov initially explained how he celebrated his birthday, mentioning he is not worried about his age at all. He then referred to his back-to-back trades, which saw him move to the Charlotte Hornets first and then join the Orlando Magic.

The 32-year-old center was surprised he was traded twice within a few days and couldn’t understand why Charlotte decided to let him go.

Mozgov also talked about the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, where Russia played against Belgium and France, stating it was so difficult for him to be in shape, as he hadn’t played in more than a month.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers center added that FIBA’s new calendar is a mess, as the players have to compete even in preseason, when they clearly are out of shape.

You can read Timofey Mozgov’s blog here