Josh ChildressOlympiacos' big signing Josh Childress was interviewed by Euroleague TV. American small forward once again told where he feels he could improve on the court. He also revealed that in summer he had offer from five NBA teams and Olympiacos.

"I came to Greece and I really enjoyed it. They are really a very good team so I was excited about that and I'm ready to play.

You saw a lot of guys come over and it could be a trend because with the way that the restrictive free agency is it's tough to give players what they feel they deserve. These offers opening up in Europe are allowing guys to play for good teams and to play for more money financially", said Childress when asked if the players from NBA will continue coming to Europe.

"When my agent went down the list of teams that caleld him, there were five NBA teams and Olympiacos. It was unexpected but I was excited about the offer and obviously took it.

I know it's a great competition and it will be a fun experience for me", Childress commented on Euroleague.

"My best position is small forward. I think that position allows player like myself to do a little bit of everything. I don't think I do one thing exceptionally well. I think I do a bunch of things pretty good. I've been a Scottie Pippen fan all my life.

I think I want to work on my range of my shot as well as being able to play point guard. That will add a lot to my game if I was able to see the floor better and be able to be a big guard and guard point guards as well.

I really enjoy Athens. I think it's a great place to live. I'm learning my way around a little bit. People around Athens have been a great help."

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