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After the preparation game for Qualification tournament for Olympic Games we talked with Rasho Nesterovic, Slovenian center, who played for Toronto Raptors last year and was traded to Indiana Pacers recently. He’s lone NBA player who will play for national team this year and he showed yesterday that he’s at the moment best Slovenian player. Captain had 21 points and 10 rebounds in very close game, at the end it was 73-70 for Slovenia.

Rasho, you were recently traded to Indiana Pacers, above all because of your big contract. Any comments on that? When and where did you found this out?

Well this is NBA business, one day you’re there another somewhere else. I didn’t hear it from any of executives of Toronto but from media. They didn’t call me yet since the trade won’t be official till 9th July.

You had very good season in Toronto, especially at the end. It seemed like you would be important part of rotation next year too. Were you disappointed when you heard the news?

Yes, I was a little disappointed. After all I spent two great years in Toronto and coach trusted me. Now I have to start again but I’ll work hard and will wait for my opportunity. I hope I will be in rotation in new club too.

There are some speculations that Indiana intends to buy-out your contract and you will be able to sign 1-year veteran contract with another team. Do you know anything about that?

No, I don’t know anything about it. But everything is possible. Again, NBA is business and player is only a number.

You had contract for another year, what then?

I will definitely end my NBA career and come back to Europe.

About national team: there were lot of denouncements in last few weeks, Smodis and Vidmar injured, new players were invited to the team. How do you see all this?

That’s the question I heard the most in last days. Fact is that have players who want and can play for NT. Who wants wants, who doesn’t doesn’t. I’m sure these guys will play as hard as they can and I’m sure we are still capable to qualify for Olympic Games.

What would you say if some new players would be called up to the team after the qualification to play at Olympic Games, if you qualify of course?

No way. That’s out of question. We’re sweating and working now and they are on holiday. And you expect that then we will go to holidays and they will play? No way!