Photo: FIBA

Luis Scola has taken part in all three FIBA windows so far and has become one of the supporters of the World Federation’s decision to make changes to the qualification to the World Cup.

“I really like the Windows process, I like the fact that there are national team games throughout the season. It’s really positive for basketball,” said Scola, who understands that NBA players cannot participate in the FIBA windows.

“It is very difficult for the NBA players to come and spend 6-7 weeks each year with their national team. With this format, a very long tournament is created and a major tournament is removed every four year, giving a free summer every four years,” he added.
However, the legendary center has not been satisfied with Euroleague’s approach to FIBA windows: “What is happening with the EuroLeague is a real shame because they destroy everything by reducing the level. Once this problem is solved, the Windows will be an excellent format that I not only prefer, but I also love,” Scola mentioned.