Germany's Dennis Schroder showed his full range during his side's win over France, despite having a poor shooting night. Photo FIBA

Normally a playoff contender, Atlanta Hawks ended up with one of the worst record in the NBA this season.

And its German guard Dennis Schroder, one of the most talented players in the NBA is not happy about it.

“I will be 25 in September and of course, you want to win the title some time,” Schroder said during a press conference of the German Basketball Federation held in his hometown of Braunschweig.

“In my prime- 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 – I want to compete. I cannot be second to last in the in the Eastern Conference. That’s why I will have the talks with Atlanta Hawks.”

It’s obvious though that Schroder will stay with the Hawks and it’s also clear that change will hopefully be happening right away.

“I don’t know what the organisation has in mind, that’s why I’m going back in a week,” he said. 

“Of course, Atlanta is my city, I was drafted there and I have a lot of memories. But like I said, I have to look individually what’s best for me.”

Source: David Hein