Keith Langford sprained his ankle in the away game of the VTB United League against VEF Riga, where he played under seven minutes, yet he remains optimistic that he will make it in time to participate in Wednesday’s game against Partizan in Moscow.

“This injury has bothered me before. But I am not scared, I feel better and the prospects of recovery in time are encouraging. Hopefully by Wednesday, I will be fit to make the team. The medical stuff are doing the best for me to make it, and rest assure that the atmosphere of the game will be great.” said Langford.

He also talked about the long term goals of Khimki: “We had a great season last year and turned quite some heads in Europe. This season, we are more experienced, more athletic and we still have a great coach. All these components are critical if you want to be successful at the highest level.

Khimki has the opportunity to become a permanent force in European basketball. I am talking about the long run, but we have the potential. And I was happy to realize that along with the growth of the club I also grew myself.”