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On the back of another season without EuroLeague playoff basketball, Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv announced that they will be doing things a little differently next season.

The 2014 EuroLeague champions will have two different rosters; one for the EuroLeague as well as one for the Israeli league in order to return to one of the elite sides in Europe.

Maccabi press release:

Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv will have two different rosters for the upcoming season (2018/19) onwards, one of which will compete in the Israeli domestic league while the other will compete in the EuroLeague. Each roster will have its own coaching staff with the main goal being to be able to compete with all the challenges under the current existing restrictions in the domestic league.

After a decade of restrictions applied in the Israeli league with the sole purpose of slowing down Maccabi, a profound analysis for the current system was committed during which the following were tested: practice routines, budget implications, game preparations, the different systems applied around Europe in the domestic leagues and the current situation and form of the other EuroLeague clubs.

The main conclusion reached by the club is that is almost impossible to maintain and sustain a competitive team in Europe under the current domestic restrictions. The club has decided that Maccabi can no longer fight like a boxer whose hands are tied, therefor possible solutions were considered by the club, solutions that can be applied in the short term as the assumption is that the restrictions will remain in one way or another.

After a meticulous examination of the situation at hand, the club’s ownership has decided to build two different rosters, one for the domestic competition and the other for the EuroLeague; this is for the sole purpose of coming to terms with the league administration to allow both the development of local talent to a EuroLeague level and to also achieve the highest aspiration which the club wishes to achieve