The vice-president of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Jose Antonio Montero has criticised the EuroLeague on its stance during the FIBA international windows.

Montero, who has seen Spain safely through to the second phase of FIBA World Cup qualifying, spoke with Spanish outlet ‘As’ regarding the windows.

Basically, the position of the Euroleague seems unheard of.  Actually, this situation can’t be for four games in a season when, since 2013 or 2014, everyone knew that “Windows” were going to be installed. The conflict hurts basketball. It has been shown in recent years that in the big countries the engine of basketball are the national teams. It is very sad to be in this situation and I think that we should intervene at the level of Ministers and Secretaries of State for Sport

We’re going to try to be smart. The EuroLeague can’t be compared to the NBA in any way. A European competition that generates at best 36 million euros, I don’t think that has the right to be compared with the NBA, which is incomparable

I understand that from the first moment all the obstacles have been put by the EuroLeague, which has the right to claim what it considers legitimate but all the sides should be with each other and the stronger we are together, the better it will be for basketball