CSKA Moscow coach Dimitris Itoudis will be filing a complaint to EuroLeague Basketball over the standard of refereeing in his side’s loss to Valencia.

And while coaches don’t necessarily rate press conferences as their most favourite of the required duties that they must fulfil, post-game, Itoudis was happy to talk, albeit with a hint of sarcasm.

Itoudis was ejected from the game as CSKA lost 103-99, ending a five-game winning run.

“It’s good that I wasn’t ejected from here. I thought one of the refs would eject me from the press conference as well,” Itoudis said.

“They are still in the locker room, thank God, and I’m here and I’m here now. And I’m allowed to talk.”

The Greek tactician took nothing away from the Valencia performance, as they secured a thrilling home win, its third straight.

But the manner of the loss left a bitter taste in Itoudis’ mouth as he virtually acted out how he got ejected.

“Once we discuss with the club’s President and vice president we will analyse and send an official protest (to EuroLeague) for the level of the officiating,” Itoudis commented.

“Unfortunately, I’m starting like this in a game that I loved so much and against a team, Valencia, that I respect so much.

“If I was called out for a bad gesture, I would say sorry about it. I would go to the lockers and say sorry. Mistakes can happen. Everyone makes them. We are human beings. This time, it wasn’t justified.

“And it surely doesn’t have to do with Valencia. Valencia is super.

“This is a great club and champions in Spain. But unfortunately, I had to start with the part about the referees because of what happened.”