Pascal Della Zuana/Icon Sport
John Roberson of Asvel during the Pro A match between Monaco and Lyon Villeurbanne on October 8, 2017 in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Della Zuana/Icon Sport)

ASVEL Villeurbanne’s John Roberson set a three-point scoring mark in Wednesday’s EuroCup win at Gran Canaria.

Roberson hit 11 three-pointers on 16 attempts for a haul of 42 points in the French side’s 129-128 win, which also happened to be the most by a road team in competition history as well.

The feat was made even more incredible as the 29-year-old Kansas City native was scoreless at half-time.

“Some of them were tough shots and you have to give him credit,” said Gran Canaria coach Luis Casimiro.

“We tried to stop him with different situations in direct screens, but he took long three-point shots off the dribble, scoring even against very good defence. He is that kind of player and was critical for ASVEL to win tonight.”