Panathinaikos Basketball Club announced the renewal of both Mike Batiste’s and Drew Nicholas’ contracts for the next two seasons.

It was a common secret that coach Obradovic wanted to keep all the key players of last season and the two Americans were included in his plans for the Panathinaikos of the future era.

Said and done as Panathinaikos officially announced that both players will be wearing the PAO jersey for the next two season, at least.

Batiste is the foreigners who has spent the most years at Panathinaikos, having arrived in summer of 2003. Nicholas on the other hand arrived in the summer of 2008 and has since been an indispensable member of the Green squad.

Mike Batiste stated: “Panathinaikos has always been my 1st choice. I talked with the team and resolved any issues they were to be talked over. This was something that both sides obviously wanted, and most importantly my family wanted too. We didn’t want to leave Panathinaikos. The decision was very easy to take, really… and I am delighted that everything worked out and I will continue playing for Panathinaikos, I didn’t expect anything different. I will start working on September to fulfil the triple crown target, as every season.”

Drew Nicholas on the other hands said: “I am delighted to stay at the team. It was something that I really wanted from the start and it happened. Panathinaikos is the ideal team for a player with great expectations that want to win titles while at the same time being a member of a family… as for the next season’s target it remains the same, the triple crown.”