Defunct NBA side Seattle Supersonics still have supporters even though the franchise relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008, and they are not pleased with the 2K, the creators of the popular NBA 2K game.

One of the newest features of NBA 2K18 is including all-time rosters for all 30 current teams. Since the Sonics moved from Seattle to Oklahoma, the history of the franchise came with it.

That means game developers were allowed by the NBA to choose Sonics players for the all-time Thunder squad even though they never played in Thunder colours.

And what’s worse is, there are 11 Sonics stars who never wore Thunder colours. It’s causing a stir with some Seattle Supersonics loyalists.

There were 20 responses to the above tweet released by Dylan Buckingham. Here is some of them:

If you would like to find out the rosters of all the All-Time rosters on the latest NBA 2K game, find out here. Some interesting admissions.