Union Olimpija names Janez Rajgelj as new General Manager

The management board of Union Olimpija named Janez Rajgelj as General Manager. He returns to this function as he was already General Manager of the club between April ’07 and March ’08. The club also organized a press conference where new General Manager of the club and one of the management board representatives Jani Möderndorfer were speaking about the future of the club.

They asked the public for some peace during this cruical times for the club. The management board of Union Olimpija will also organize a club assembly during the summer weeks where they will elect new president, vice-presidents and new management.

Janez Rajgelj, general manager of Union Olimpija: “I would like to ask you for some peace, so I can get back in touch with the club. I am here only for few hours and at this moment I can’t speak about financial situation or reveal the plans for the future. First, I would like to see the current situation which I don’t know really well. Financial situation is one thing, the other one is, you know me, I will always work for the good of the club. Always for the good of the club. This is all I can say right now. I would like to ask you not to bother me with questions about what I’ll do, what kind of roster we will have in the future. Untill the Euroleague draw I don’t wish to comment on anything related to the club. Why did I accept his function? What is my personal goal? My goal is, that those who like basketball, can say, look at him, this guy really did something for basketball in this city. I don’t know if I’ll live to hear this, but this is my goal and my guidance at my work.”

Jani Möderndorfer, representative of management board: “Together with new general manager the management board is working on new financial construction of the club, therefore we are working on preparing the conditions, so club will be able to function without any problems. I am positively convinced and I see no reason why the club would not be able to function in the future. At the club assembly we will present the financial situation and then everything will be revealed. We are optimistic and we see a way out of this crisis.”