Real Madrid and the player’s agent have began discussion regarding the extension of the club’s captain Felipe Reyes’ contract but a possible deal should not be taken for granted as the two sides disagree on several subjects.

First of all Real Madrid has the unilateral option on the player to automatically renew his contract for the next season for around 1.8 million euros, but in such a tough economy they are looking to considerably cut down his wages (to around 1.3 million euros per season) and instead offer him a three years contract as collateral.

As expected the player’s agent does not want that, as his client would lose at least 500K euros in one season this way while he can now earn 1.8 million next season and be in the exact same position to negotiate next summer, when the economy could be even better.

But that is not the only ace in the hands of the player’s side as they will be bringing at least two offers on the table from rivals Barcelona and Bilbao Basket, not to mention a possible interest from Euroleague powerhouses.

Reyes joined in 2004/05 season and has been one of their most prolific players since then and he is #1 priority for Real Madrid at this point.