Rimas KurtinaitisEven though Rimas Kurtinaitis publicly declared his desire to stay in Vilnius for one more year, Lietuvos Rytas are weighing all possibilities before making a final decision. Jonas Vainauskas, GM of Rytas, said that he isn’t totally sure whether Kurtinaitis has what it takes in order to achieve the goals that the club has set for the next season.

In fact the hopes are rather high. Vainauskas wants his team to reach the quarter-finals stage in Euroleague next season which would be the biggest achievement in the club’s history.

According to Jonas Vainauskas, the reason why he has doubts regarding Kurtinaitis’s ability is a rather disappointing performance of the team in the second part of the season. It was said that Rytas shouldn’t have played seven games in LKL Finals in order to beat coach-less Zalgiris.

Rimas Kurtinaitis won every possible title with Rytas last season, including a surprising triumph in Eurocup. Despite losing key players such as Chuck Eidson and Marijonas Petravicius before this season, Kurtinaitis has only lost BBL title to Zalgiris. On the other hand, the team had an encouraging start in the Euroleague but eventually failed to qualify for Top 16.

Last summer Benetton Treviso were offering a contract to Kurtinaitis. The coach himself admitted that he would love to move to the Italian club but Vainauskas decided to keep Kurtinaitis in Vilnius.