Right before SummerSlam 2016, World Wrestling Entertainment minority owner and current commissioner of Smackdown Live Shane MacMahon took a trip to New York City’s finest sneaker shop, Flight Club to cop some sneakers and talk about his love for Air Jordan 1s.

And people who follow the WWE will know that Shane is always rocking the first signature Jordan, inspired by the infamous Nike Dunks, which came out at the roughly the same time during Michael Jordan’s rookie year in 1984.

“What Jordan were doing, and it really related to me was the bad boy thing and it resonated with me,” MacMahon said about the Jordan 1s, looking to seemingly compete with the Dunks at the time of release.

And that started Shane O’Mac’s love affair with the sneaker game.

In the video above, you get to see Shane look around, talk more about his return to the WWE in February but more importantly, chat more about his collection, Kanye West’s signature trainers and see how much he spent when he left to buy some sneakers.

Credit: Complex.