Yep, we get it. Every year a new game promises to be more realistic, more lifelike than ever before. Soon, a game will be so realistic that we might be able to step on to the court and hammer it on LeBron James ourselves.

But for now, the new trailer for the NBA 2K17 video game looks amazing and if the game itself plays like the previews show us, than basketball gamers will be in for the ultimate treat. The preview is above. Watch the video and see what you think.

And if the video doesn’t excite you enough, the creators at NBA 2K have revealed that you can play as the Rio 2016, gold medal-winning USA men’s national team as well as the Australian national side (random) and perhaps the greatest team ever assembled in the history of sports: the USA ‘Dream Team’ of 1992. It carries on from the post-Olympic release of NBA 2K13 when you could play as the victorious USA team from London 2012 as well as the Dream Team.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The EuroLeague have been included for a fourth straight year and as well as boasting all 16 teams from this season, the game also includes Valencia, Bayern Munich, ALBA Berlin, ratiopharm Ulm and Unicaja Malaga.