France coach Vincent Collet has cleared up some questions placed on him regarding Evan Fournier’s omission from the national team ahead of the Rio Olympics.

The French will compete in Rio in Group A, alongside Serbia, China, Australia, Venezuela and reigning gold medallists USA.

Via French Basketball Federation:

About Evan Fournier, if we made a step back, I said that we should worry about the present. I believe that our seven backcourt players have well fulfilled their different roles. Regarding the balance in that sector, I found that it was great. On the contrary, we had difficulties in the paint which could have created more issues further in the Olympic tournament. When people see things from the outside they can ask questions. Even myself, before leaving for Manilla, I believed that I integrate Fournier after the tournament. I say that clearly, because I thought that at least one backcourt player will not be quite convincing on his role, but that was not the case. After that, because of the balance achieved, I did not want to change anything. There was also a commitment that I made to the players who were there, who had been very decisive for our team in the tournament. Without them, we would not be going to Rio. And the commitment I made was that if they were performing good, they would remain in the team. So if I was not honoring my commitment, I would betray them. This is the main reason for this choice.