This season's EuroCup has seen a number of teams reluctantly withdraw their space and are joining the FIBA Basketball Champions League, almost against their will.

Liga Endesa side Fuenlabrada have accepted an invite to compete in next season’s EuroCup competition due to the four Italian sides, Reggio Emilia, Dinamo Sassari, Trento and Cantù all pulling out on the threat of suspension from Serie A.

The Spanish side were joined on the invite list by the champions from FYR of Macedonia, MZT Skopje, who are yet to make a decision.

Fuenlabrada made a late run and qualified for the Liga Endesa Playoffs last season, finishing eighth. They were eliminated in the first round by Barcelona.

But Fuenlabrada will accept an offer made by EuroLeague Basketball following the decision made by Italian sides Reggio Emilia, Dinamo Sassari, Trento and Cantù to all pull out due to the Italian Basketball Federation opting for them to play in the FIBA Basketball Champions League next season.

If the four teams chose to play in the EuroCup, then they would face a season-long suspension and they would not compete in the domestic leagues.

Reggio Emilia, Dinamo Sassari, Trento and Cantù will not play in the Champions League next season.

Source: Encestando