Euroleague Basketball

Barcelona veteran Juan Carlos Navarro admits that the arrival of Georgios Bartzokas to Barcelona will mean a possible player clear out.

Bartzokas was revealed as the new head coach of Barcelona earlier today, agreeing to a three-year deal.

Navarro is confident that the team can rediscover their past glory, but things around the Catalan club will change.

“I heart about it from media and I have a very good opinion about him,” Navarro said.

“Undoubtedly, this will mean a major change for the team, but I also think that there we will be changes regarding the players.

Everyone within the Barcelona organisation expects that their team will finally walk the path that leads to successes. As does Navarro.

“Let’s see if we can be competitive in order to win, because we in the last two years we haven’t won anything with the team.”