Real Madrid targetting Wally Szczerbiak

Wally SzczerbiakAfter the main targets of Real Madrid – Ramunas Siskauskas and Anthony Parker become unavailable for the Spanish ginats, the club started the search of another player who could play the same role. reports that Wally Szczerbiak is the new target of the club.

Szczerbiak spent last two season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He became a free agent this summer after his contract with the Cavs has expired. The player wouldn't mind playing Europe and if the right offer comes he could be wearing Real Madrid jersey next season.

Walter Szczerbiak, father of Wally Szczerbiak, played for Real Madrid and won three Euroleague titles – 1974, 1978 and 1980. Wally Szczerbiak was born in Madrid in 1977 so it would be homecoming in some way if he decides to sign with the Los Blancos.

Last season played 74 games in the NBA regular season averaging 7 points per game. His stats dropped in the playoffs to 3.6 points per game.