The NBA Finals has always been known to bring all basketball fans together and talk about a series that features the best players on earth. From LeBron James and Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving.

Those fans these days have the pleasure of logging on to Twitter and sharing their views with millions of other supporters across the world. It even presents a chance for the Euroleague’s top stars to forget their hectic schedules, become fans with us and join in the social media chatter.

The Golden State Warriors are currently 2-0 up on the Cleveland Cavaliers and some of the Euroleague players took to Twitter and gave us their views.

Aaron Jackson of CSKA Moscow already predicting that Stephen Curry will NOT get that illusive Finals MVP award. He has a point..

Malcolm Delaney, who starred in the Final Four for Lokomotiv Kuban, three weeks ago in Berlin was all over Twitter for Game 2. And even after two games, he believes that this might only need four, unless the Cavaliers can show up on their home court.

But having competed in the BEKO BBL Finals in Germany that same night, plus seeing that Game 2 was a blowout, Brose Baskets’ Bradley Wanamaker decided that sleep was the better option. 

And players sometimes do agree with the media, proven by Fenerbahce’s Ricky Hickman when HoopsHype tweeted this..