“Virtual 3” a hit in the NBA but not needed in the Euroleague

Sports giant and NBA broadcasters ESPN are looking to make basketball viewing more interactive with the introduction of the Virtual 3.

An impressive and non-intrusive creation will help audiences at home see if the player is attempting a three-point shot. If he is, the illumination will light up to make it clear for audiences that he’s outside the arc. If he makes the shot, the line will stay lit up. If he misses, the illumination will stop.

It was debuted during the Cleveland Cavaliers thrilling victory over the San Antonio Spurs in the early hours of Sunday morning, last week. [CET].

But while the fans get the benefit of this technology, the referees, like the supporters inside the arena will not be able to view the glowing three-point line.

ESPN’s senior coordinating producer Tim Corrigan says: “It will give viewers instant clarity on whether a 3-point shot has been attempted, which hasn’t been consistently evident during a live telecast.”

Here are the highlights of the Warriors-Thunder contest, played last night on ESPN and watch out for the three-point shots that were attempted and you will see the arc brighten up.


It’s too early to tell whether the Euroleague would think about utilising this new technology that ESPN are using. It might make things more “fan friendly” but for the time being, it looks like another experiment that will enhance the viewers’ interests, but not revolutionise the game to an extent that it is necessary to have it.