ImageRussia insisted for Khimki's direct qualification to the Euroleague's first group phase, instead of playing in the qualifying rounds, in the Shareholders Executive Board of Euroleague which took place in Barcelona today.

Although a second spot in the Euroleague was guaranteed for Russia, a long lasting request, the participation of that team, this year Khimki, in the group stage is not guaranteed as they should play two qualifying rounds in order to make it to the groups in the first place.

CSKA's General Manager, Mr. Andrei Vatutin stated about the meeting:

"Despite all the difficulties we continue to work to get the second spot for Russia in the main tournament. And we are close to official approvement. It is important for us to have BC Khimki considered by the Euroleague as a Eurocup finalist. This allows the team to start the tournament from the regular season stage. This will happen in the case of approvement of the system by the Assembly.

I'd like to note also that the Final Four host in still unknown – it should be revealed just before the draw. We know the dates only – May 7-9. The qualification tournament will start on September 29, regular season – October 21-22."