ImageGreek giant Ioannis Bourousis could not reach an agreement regarding the extension of his contract with Olympiakos some hours ago and the rumours about Real Madrid bidding for the player are now stronger than ever.

This was the third meeting between Olympiacos and Bourousis' agent (although today was the first time that Bourousis had attended the meeting himself) and the difference between the two parties was too large to reach a consensus.

Bourousis has made it clear from day one that he wishes at least 1.7 million/per year euros for a long term contract or a 1.8 million euros/per year contract for a short term contract, partly motivated by his well-paid teammates such as Childress, Papaloukas and Vujcic.

Olympiacos seems to disagree with him and in a try to implement their new tighter economical policy are offering him considerably less money (about 1.4 million euros per season) and topping up that offer with bonuses in case the team wins titles.

Bourousis has the luxury to wait after his excellent season and being the #1 hottest name in European transfer market right now he has the upper hand. He has already been promised an offer from San Antonio Spurs after July 1 (that is when NBA teams can make official offers) while he could see Panathinaikos as a last resort from Europe.

To more concrete rumours now, the Greek basketball website has reported that Bourousis has already an offer from Real Madrid in his hands and that Real Madrid is waiting for a response fast.

Real Madrid's alleged offer that Bourousis claims to have is worth a total of 6.3 million euros for a period of three years. It seems that Real Madrid is trying to turn their basketball section too into 'Galacticos' and hiring Messina was the first step needed to reach the top and they will not hesitate to splash some cash in the summer market.

One thing is for sure, Bourousis' name will keep everyone busy in the summer being one of the hottest names out there as there are not many teams in the entire world that would not want him.