BlogHey guys, some of you are probably wondering where I have been over the past month or so? Why no podcasts and no news from the British side?

It has been a hard month for me, both work wise and personal problems, which of course takes top priority, no matter what. I, like a few of our visitors and regulars on TalkBasket are students (well I’m not really one, but I am in my final year of a home study course). So I blame those two factors on my disappearance, but now, I will try to focus on what I love, and what the majority of you readers love – hoops!

The pod will return from it’s mini break in a week or so and it will focus on LATEST news, not stuff that you heard about a few weeks or a month ago, news that is breaking and what some might not of heard of. Plus, I will hopefully start the build up to Poland and Eurobasket 2009, where I will be covering for you guys in Warsaw and hopefully, others might help out which I know is in the pipeline.

Just a taster, I’ll be with the fans supporting Team GB and working a live podcast, so I hope in the time I’m there, I won’t tire myself out too much.

In my absence though, a lot has happened in the world of hoops, mainly in the US where congratulations go out to the LA Lakers, for seeing off the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals, and for probably the hardest working player in the world right now, Kobe Bryant for collecting his MVP award and leaving that title of “can’t win one without Shaq”.

From hard working vets, to fresh new talent, and the growing question of where will Ricky Rubio end up? With Rubio’s agent rumored to say that he only wants Spain’s hottest property at LA Clippers or Sacramento, makes you wonder where exactly where he will end up, and with the legal debates going on with Rubio’s present club, Badalona. The question is, will Ricky even be in the draft this year?

Back to the home-grown reality of things now, and the news that the British Basketball League has a new franchise! The Essex Pirates.

Interesting how that team will shape up in the coming months, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the Pirates in action this season. It has been a lot of anticipation over what will happen with this Essex based team, is it for real, is it not? Well, now that it is official, let’s see how they get on. After reading through what they will be bringing to the county, community programmes, a 1,000 seater leisure centre in the heart of Essex, Southend (well not in the heart, it’s coastal, but you know what I mean), a good solid plan of what they will hope to achieve in the BBL, good luck to them!

Congratulations go out to Barcelona for winning the ACB crown, and further dominating sports in both Football and Basketball now. They beat Tau Ceramica in the Spanish Finals. Also congrats go to, CSKA Moscow, for beating Khimki in the Russian Finals, and Panathinaikos for beating arch-rivals, Olympiacos in the Greek Finals.

I will end this short write up, and I will return soon for Podcast episode, number 4.

Take care.