Panathinaikos- P.A.O.K. 70-69

P.A.O.K. was close to lift a curse of 17 years without a win in OAKA stadium but a block from Gist 0.9 seconds before the end, gave the “Greens” a win at the postponed game for the 7th week of the Greek Basket League.

After the jump ball, PAOK was unable to score from inside but they found a way through Vassileiadis’ 3/3 3p. to stay close to the home team. Panathinaikos had Calathes in great shape and alongside Gist they got in front 25-22 after 10′. Their momentum went on during the second period where they got in front looking to establish the pace, but PAOK found score from inside the paint with Schortsianitis and kept the margin in low level until the end of the half, 39-37.

Second half started with the visitors being full of confidence and combined with the many line-up changes from coach Djordjevic, they controlled the game, closing the 3rd quarter in front 52-57. Panathinaikos applied hard full court pressure but they could not convert on offense while PAOK scored as much as needed to stress them. However during the last minute, they did all they could to lose the game from their own hands. They missed 3 fee throws while Feldein scored 4/4 and at the last offense the visitors had, Gist made a block on Tsochlas while Vassileiadis missed from close range, letting Panathinaikos celebrate their 9th win this season in equal number of games. MVP was Calathes with 19 points and Gist followed with 18 and a crucial last second block, and for the defeated team Vassileiadis added 19p.