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A former WNBA owner familiar with off-court controversies believes star Caitlin Clark could be a transformative figure who refocuses the league on basketball, steering it away from divisive cultural issues.

Kelly Loeffler, a former Georgia Senator and co-owner of the Atlanta Dream from 2011 to 2021, told Fox News Digital that the rookie sensation is widely celebrated for being ‘100% about basketball.’

“She’s not about politics,” Loeffler said. “That’s what people want when they purchase tickets, when they spend their family’s hard-earned money and time to go to a game. They want to see pure athletic competition, the best of the best. And I think Caitlin is the best chance to get back to that.

“Caitlin Clark is the best thing to happen to the WNBA in its history. And she has brought so much attention, so many benefits to the league. The players for years have wanted to fly chartered private flights. They now have that thanks to Caitlin Clark. They now have arenas that are selling out, or at least selling thousands of tickets. They now have attention on a world stage that they never had thanks to Caitlin Clark.

“And I think there’s a real opportunity for the league to kind of bounce back from some of the errors of its way, you know, starting in 2020, when they stopped being about basketball and being more focused on pushing partisan politics and really alienated a lot of people. And I think this is a great chance to say, hey, we are about basketball, we’re about the quality of the game. We’re about elevating players from all walks of life.”