Rodney McLeod Jr. recently shared his thoughts on LeBron James joining the NFL as a tight end for the Cleveland Browns.

Speaking on the Scoop B Radio Podcast with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, McLeod expressed confidence in James’s ability to transition from NBA small forward to NFL tight end.

“There are certain individuals that can do it all, and LeBron is definitely one of those guys,” McLeod said, emphasizing James’s athleticism and durability.

McLeod highlighted James’s rigorous work ethic and mastery of his craft as key factors that would contribute to his potential success in football.

“He would take it seriously; he would work, and he has a little bit of ruggedness in him,” McLeod added, comparing James’s potential transition to that of former basketball player turned NFL star Jimmy Graham.

McLeod believes James’s athletic prowess and strong physique would be advantageous on the football field, though he acknowledges the significant differences between the two sports.

“It’s a whole different world on that field! That is a fact!” McLeod noted, pointing out the unique challenges of football.

When asked if the Browns could use James at tight end, McLeod laughed but affirmed the need for a strong tight end tandem.

“We could use somebody to compliment [David] Njoku over there for sure!” McLeod said.

McLeod humorously remarked that while James might excel in certain offensive situations, facing off against elite NFL defenders like Myles Garrett could be daunting.

“The only problem is, that I’m not sure if LeBron is actually ready to take on a guy like a Myles Garrett just yet,” McLeod joked, suggesting James be reserved for specific plays like third downs and red zone passing situations.