Photo: Peter Baba

Following the Dallas Mavericks’ setback in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, sports analyst Colin Cowherd stirred controversy with his comparison of Luka Doncic to former NBA standout Carmelo Anthony.

Cowherd’s take on Doncic sparked debate among basketball fans, with the analyst asserting, “He’s a better Carmelo Anthony.”

While Doncic showcased his scoring prowess with 27 points in Game 3, Cowherd raised concerns about the young star’s fitness and defensive commitment.

“I don’t think he’s in great shape. I don’t think he’s easy to play with. I don’t think he’s committed on the defensive end,” Cowherd remarked, highlighting areas of improvement for Doncic.

Despite Doncic’s offensive prowess and impact on the court, Cowherd’s comparison to Anthony, known for his scoring ability but criticized for defensive shortcomings, ignited discussions about Doncic’s overall game.

As the Mavericks face a daunting 0-3 deficit in the series, Doncic’s performance and leadership will be under scrutiny, with analysts and fans alike assessing his contributions on both ends of the floor.

While opinions on Doncic vary, there is consensus that the young star possesses immense talent and potential to leave a lasting impact on the NBA.

As the series progresses, Doncic will have the opportunity to address any lingering doubts and prove his detractors wrong on the grandest stage of basketball.