Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/YouTube

The head coaching vacancy with the Cleveland Cavaliers is generating more interest compared to the Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching position.

After UConn’s Dan Hurley declined the Lakers’ lucrative offer, attention has shifted to candidates such as James Borrego and JJ Redick.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst asserts that the Cavaliers job holds greater appeal.

“For many people in the NBA, I think they would think that the Cavs job is more attractive [than the Lakers]… Number one and the most important reason is that the Cavs roster is better,” Windhorst explained on ESPN Cleveland.

He elaborated, citing the Cavaliers’ stronger team composition and their location in the Eastern Conference as key factors.

“The Cavs have a better team than the Lakers do. I don’t know if the Cavs have a better team than the Lakers on October 1. We can debate that… Secondly, the Cavs play in the Eastern Conference. The Eastern Conference right now, the ability to win at the highest level, it’s an easier path,” Windhorst added.

Windhorst also noted the Cavaliers’ potential willingness to offer more competitive compensation packages for coaching talent.

“And frankly, the Cavs organization might outpay the Lakers on the head coach,” he stated.