Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving has faced challenges in the NBA Finals, notably struggling in the first two games against his former team, the Boston Celtics.

Irving’s performance has fallen below expectations, shooting at 35.1% from the field and averaging 14 points per game.

With the Mavericks trailing 0-2 in the series, Irving addressed his struggles ahead of Game 3 in Dallas.

Acknowledging his subpar performance, Irving emphasized his desire to play well for his teammates.

“I haven’t played well or up to my standards… Being back in Boston, there’s such a level of desire that I have inside of me to play well and wanted to be there for my teammates,” Irving stated.

Despite his frustration, Irving remains focused on supporting his team and maintaining confidence.

“As a competitor, it’s frustrating… but I don’t want to let that seep in or spill over to any other decision I have to make there as a player and continue to feed my teammates’ confidence,” he added.

Irving draws on his experience of being down 0-2 in series, highlighting the mental and emotional fortitude required for success.

“I know what it takes… mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically,” Irving affirmed.

As the Mavericks face an uphill battle, Irving stresses the importance of respecting their opponents and giving their best effort on the court.

“Most importantly just putting your best foot forward when we go out there, man. It’s as simple as that,” Irving concluded.