Photo: YouTube screenshot

Recent reports suggesting that NBA referees are being instructed to officiate based on the result of a shot have been denied by league officials.

In an article by Law Murray and Josh Robbins of The Athletic, Monty McCutchen, who oversees the league’s referee training and development program, emphasized that referees are not trained to make “conditional” foul calls based on whether a shot is made or missed.

McCutchen stated firmly that “a foul is a foul,” refuting claims that referees are encouraged to base their calls on the outcome of a play.

While acknowledging the existence of “contextual clues,” such as a clear line of sight and prior certainty of an infraction, McCutchen emphasized that referees are trained to avoid making calls solely based on whether a shot is successful or not.

Referees are discouraged from making blind guesses on fouls based on missed shots, a practice deemed as poor officiating by McCutchen.