Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Former NBA player JJ Redick has indirectly responded to a recent report by insider Shams Charania linking him to the vacant head coaching position with the Los Angeles Lakers.

While not providing a direct confirmation, Redick hinted at potential developments once the NBA Finals conclude, where he is currently occupied as a commentator.

During a recent media interaction, Redick emphasized his focus on the ongoing NBA Finals and his various professional commitments.

“My focus right now is calling the NBA Finals… My day-to-day is consumed with calling the NBA games, the 19 different podcasts that I feel like I have, my obligations to all of my partners. My focus is on the NBA Finals. I will say that,” he said on GoJo and Golic.

However, he teased that discussions regarding the reported job offer from Charania will be addressed post-season.

“In terms of Shams, that will be addressed once the season is over. I’ll just say that,” Redick said with a smirk.

“Hold on, I don’t mean any job, I mean Shams. After the season. We’ll wait on that one,” he added.

Redick’s comments suggest that there may be significant updates regarding his career trajectory in the near future.

The Lakers are reportedly narrowing down their search for a new head coach, with Redick emerging as a prominent candidate.

Despite his lack of coaching experience, Redick’s profile and potential have garnered significant interest from Lakers officials.

The franchise has also considered other candidates, including seasoned assistants from various NBA teams.

Nevertheless, sources indicate that Redick has become a primary target for the Lakers’ coaching role.